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How Long Will Cocaine Stay in Your System?

Imagine there's a rumor at work that another round of drug testing is coming. You snorted a line of coke at a party last weekend, and you're wondering if this will show up on the test. It's an all-too-common scenario for people in today's testing-crazy society. While it's impossible to give an accurate estimate of how long it will stay in your system, we'll try to give you the facts about it. Learn how to prevent fail your drug test

So, how long does coke stay in the body?

Many people fail drug tests because they underestimate how long it takes to become clean. This probably comes from reports that it only takes two or three days for coke to leave the body. In a way, this is true, but the tests actually look for benzoylecgonine, a metabolite of cocaine, because it stays in the urine for much longer than coke itself. While coke is usually gone after 72 hours, this annoying critter will stay in your body for up to a week. What's more, this can be even longer for regular users.
To make matters worse, you also need to worry about hair testing. Hair tests usually only look at the past 90 days. Given a long enough sample, though, coke can be detected in your hair for years afterwards. In some ways, hair testing is the scariest form of drug testing because of the wealth of information it can reveal about your drug use. And now you can get cocaine out of your hair

So, what can I do to get coke out of my body?

You probably know how drugs can leave residues in your body for a while after using them, leaving you vulnerable to drug tests. Maybe you know people who have faced the terrible consequences of failing a drug test. Maybe they lost their jobs, money, or even their families because of it. The lucky ones are put on probation or referred to a treatment program, staining their work record for years to come and ruining their chances of promotion.
If you have enough time, you could of course quit using coke and let your body clean itself naturally, at least if hair testing isn't being used. Are you sure you have enough time, though? It's unpredictable how long this will take, and maybe you don't know exactly when you'll be tested. Maybe you don't even know what form the drug test will take?
Fortunately, some manufacturers have seen the flaws and injustices in the drug-testing system and made products to help people pass these tests. Look at detox help to remove coke and its metabolites from your body, leaving you ready to successfully pass your drug test and get on with your life.

Other detoxes work in a variety of ways:

1. Some help you permanently get coke out of your system, combined with quitting coke altogether.
2.Others work to temporarily clean your body for long enough to pass a test:

You can even get kits that combine all these products, which is great if you don't know what sort of test you'll need to take.

How will I know if a detox has worked?

A lot of people worry about whether a detox solution is actually working. An easy way to check this is by buying a Drug Detection Kit. This self-testing device allows you to test yourself for coke and other drugs in the comfort of your own home. If needed, you can even check yourself in the washroom at work just before a real test. Knowing you're going to test clean will work wonders for your nerves. So, just use a detox product, test yourself, and give a big sigh of relief when you see it come up negative. Do it.

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This article was published on Tuesday 01 November, 2016.

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