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Two-Step Marijuana Detox Program for People Over 200 Pounds
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For How Long Can Weed Be Detected In Your System?

If you've ever been worried about failing a drug test because you smoke weed sometimes, you've probably looked up ways to pass on the Internet. You've no doubt read about people drinking gallons of water and e-books that promise the ability to pass any test. Well, forget about buying e-books, because we'll give you the information for free.
First, though, be aware there are easy solutions for upcoming drug tests. If you don't know what kind of test you'll be asked to take, have a look at our Same-Day Marijuana Total Detox Kit. This kit will prepare you for any kind of weed drug test.

So, exactly how long does weed stay in your system?

Unfortunately, it's impossible to say exactly. We can give you some typical estimates, but the actual time can vary considerably depending on your body weight, how often you smoke weed, and so on. Light users might be clean after a few days, while heavy users might need a month or even more. Some heavy users have even reported failing a drug test 90 days after their last joint. We'll try to give you a better idea of why weed can take so long to leave the body.

Why can weed be detected for so long?

Marijuana (aka. pot, herb, weed, grass) is the most commonly used illicit drug in the US. That's why it's tested for so often. The active chemical in weed is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and drug tests look for this or its metabolites.
The reason for weed staying in your system for so long is that THC is fat-soluble. This means it ends up being stored in your body fat. When your body burns those fat cells later, the THC is released and ends up in your urine. The more you smoke weed, and the heavier you are, the more THC will accumulate.
So, if you're pretty lean and don't smoke pot that often, you'll get clean much faster than someone who's overweight and smokes daily. If you fall into the second category, you can get an Extra-Strong Marijuana Detox Kit that's specially designed for heavier, frequent users needing a same-day solution.
So, what determines how long weed will stay in my body? As we already mentioned, it depends on a number of factors:

  • Your health, what you eat, and your level of exercise
  • Your weight and how fast your metabolism is
  • How often you smoke and the strength of the weed

There are ways to get weed out of your urine quickly, at least for long enough to take a test. This Detox Drink will flush weed out of your urine in just two hours.
What should I know about weed?
Firstly, you should be aware that weed can be detected in a urine test as many as 30 days after your last joint, but it can be up to 90 days in extreme cases.
If you use a Total Critical Cleaning Package, you can get great results in just a couple of hours. This type of kit combines a two-week detox with fast-acting cleansers for your test day. Because it's a combination of a permanent detox and same-day cleansers for urine, saliva and hair tests, you'll be prepared for any drug test at any time.
Recall how we mentioned that weed is fat soluble, so it gets stored in fat in various parts of the body. This means drinking huge amounts of water doesn't do much to clean your body of weed. At best, it'll just temporarily dilute your urine, and this will be detected by the adulterant test. You then need to go through the test all over again.
Successfully passing a marijuana drug test, and the adulterant test, needs comprehensive solutions that really do work. Our Premium 7-Day Weed Detox Program is a great way to easily clean your system of weed.
What about weed and hair drug tests?
In a way, hair tests are worse for weed users because the detection time is much longer. It's like your hair is sort of tape recording every time you smoke a joint. This means the detection time is only limited by how long your hair is. If a lab had a long enough sample of hair, they'd be able to detect any drug use from as long as three years ago! 
One positive thing about hair drug tests is that they're very bad at detecting recent drug use. For example, if you smoked your first joint the night before a hair drug test, you probably won't fail. Also, they usually only take the most recent 90 days of hair.
If you use a Marijuana Detox Solution for Hair Testing, you can use it on the test day itself, and it's effective for 24 hours. Also, if you want to know how you'll do on a hair drug test, you can now get a Home Hair Testing Kit. You just need to send your sample to the lab and you'll get the results soon after.
Are there better ways to clean your system of weed?
Of course, you could just quit smoking pot and leave your body to clean itself the natural way. But what if you don't have the time this will take? Let's look at how long this will need.
If you've only smoked one joint, it will probably only be detectable by a urine test for 4-10 days afterwards. If you're an occasional weed user (let's say a few times a month), this time goes up to 10-20 days. For daily users, it may take 30 days or more to become totally clean. Clearly, you're going to have problems achieving this before a drug test.
If you're worried about an upcoming drug test and want a thorough detox, the Safe Cleansing Solution will permanently get THC out of your system.
Note: When you're trying to flush THC from your body, it's helpful to monitor your progress during the detox process and test yourself before an actual drug test. A Self-Testing Kit will give you the confidence of knowing that you're clean.
It's not easy cleaning your system of pot, but don't waste money on e-books that promise the world and deliver nothing. Tips to help the process along are in this article.
This article is for informational purposes only and is not medical advice. This website cannot be held accountable if you fail a drug test.

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