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Do Home Remedies Really Help Pass a Drug Test?

What are the facts about home remedies to pass a drug test?

While there are some sensible tips to successfully pass a drug test, there's also a lot of urban myths kicking around on blogs and Internet forums about home remedies. A lot of these methods are either flawed or outdated, because the testing labs have got wise to them.
You take a big risk when you rely on these pointless or outdated remedies, because the consequences of failing a drug test can be severe. Losing your job in today's economy is not a good idea. If you're lucky, maybe you'll just get put on probation or sent for treatment, but you'll have ruined your chances of promotion for years to come. Spending a few bucks buying a detox product is a much easier way to pass a drug test.

So, why don't these "home remedies" work?

THC, the active ingredient of weed, is fat-soluble, so it ends up being locked in your fat cells. Totally cleaning your body from it is very difficult because it stays there until the fat cells are tapped for energy. Many of the so-called home remedies claim to clean THC from your system, but they won't be able to touch the THC locked away in fat cells. Sure, you may be able to dilute your urine, so there won't be enough THC in it to fail a drug test. This will be replenished by THC from the fat cells, though, and you'll fail the adulterant test anyway. The only way to rid yourself of THC completely is to burn off those fat cells. This means exercising regularly or using a detox product that helps to burn fat.

What are the popular "home remedies"?

Let's go through the popular home remedies and see what's good or bad about them.

Drinking lots of water

Drink a lot of water in the hours before your test. Be sensible, though, because too much can cause water intoxication and be potentially fatal. Many people think this will also help in the days before the test, but it doesn't because THC is not water-soluble. The logic behind this method is that you'll fill your bladder faster and pee more. The THC in your urine then hopefully drops below the detection level. So, what's the problem? Just by looking at your sample, a tester can tell it's been diluted because of the pale color. Adulterant tests can confirm this by testing the pH and creatine levels. Many detox products contain ingredients to get round this.


Diuretics basically make you want to pee more. Caffeinated drinks like coffee, tea, and coke are good examples. This home remedy works on the same principle as drinking more water, but without the need to drink as much. This means you have the same problem with failing the adulterant test. Detox products designed to remove THC from your system are more effective than home remedies like drinking coffee. Always make sure you're clean with a home-testing kit.


Another common myth says that drinking vinegar will mask the presence of drugs, but this is garbage. The only basis for this is that it acidifies the urine, which might help flush out amphetamines a bit faster. Drinking vinegar is not nice, though, and it won't help with other drugs. You'll be more likely to get diarrhea.

Taking Dexatrim

Some people say taking Dexatrim, an over-the-counter weight-loss supplement, will get you through a drug test. Not only will it not work, it can even cause a false positive. Dexatrim claims to speed up the metabolism, so this might be how the myth started. Regardless of any possible benefits, the chance of triggering a false positive eliminates it as a good solution.

Are there any practical tips that really help?

Eat a high-fiber diet

There are actually some benefits to eating a high-fiber diet, because it absorbs fat-soluble chemicals, like THC, and carries them to the bowels rather than the urine. Unfortunately, it's probably not enough on its own. Combine it with a detox product, though, and you have an even more effective solution.

Give the cleanest possible urine sample

Never, repeat never, give a sample from your first pee of the day. Have you noticed how it always looks much darker just after waking up? This is because toxins accumulate while you sleep, and you're much more likely to fail a drug test with urine like that. Always do it later in the day.

Next, try to catch your sample "midstream." When you go to the toilet, start as normal and slip the cup under the stream just before you're half done. Never add any household substances like bleach or ammonia to your sample, because you'll be certain to fail the adulterant test.

Exercise More

Exercising more can also help, because it means your body starts burning fat cells, releasing the stored THC and flushing it from your body. This effectively reduces the detection period for weed, but you need to stop smoking it as well.

On the test day itself, though, you want exactly the opposite. Limiting exercise will keep the THC in the fat cells, where it can't be detected. Stop exercising at least a couple of days before a drug test. Using one of our cleansing products will then flush out any THC that still makes it to the urine.

Always Test Yourself

Whether you've been detoxing for a while and want to check your progress, or if you need to make sure a detox product is working yet, always test yourself. Home-testing kits are great for making sure your urine is clean.
For some more general tips, read this article.
This is a collection of information drawn from various sources. It is intended for informational purposes only and is not medical advice. This website cannot be held responsible if you fail a drug test.

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This article was published on Tuesday 29 November, 2016.

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