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Single-Panel Testing Kit for Methamphetamines
Single-Panel Testing Kit for Methamphetamines
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Urine additive is the perfect solution for random, unannounced drug tests because of its fierce efficiency, size, technology, and price. Many drug tests are conducted without prior notice, leaving the test subject open for a devastating, positive result. Don't let it happen to you.
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 ULTRA PURE Pre-mixed Synthetic Urine (4oz. bottle)   ULTRA PURE Pre-mixed Synthetic Urine (4oz. bottle);     $41.99   
 Looking for Fake Urine for a Sub? Ultra Pure Pre-mixed Urine is a premixed solution for those not wanting to give a sample of
 ULTRA PURE Premixed Synthetic Urine (2oz. bottle)   ULTRA PURE Premixed Synthetic Urine (2oz. bottle);     $31.99   
 Where Can I Buy Fake Urine for a Sub? Substituting fake urine for your own is a great way to protect your privacy. Ultra Pure
 Large Disposable Warmer Pack for 4oz. Bottles   Large Disposable Warmer Pack for 4oz. Bottles;     $4.99   
 How Can I Warm Up a Sub Sample? Did you know testers sometimes test the temperature of your sample? This handy warming pad stays warm for up to
 Small Disposable Warm Pack for 2oz. Bottles   Small Disposable Warm Pack for 2oz. Bottles;     $3.99   
 What´s an Easy Way to Warm Up a Sub Sample? Testers sometimes look at the temperature of your sample to detect tampering. This handy
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